Props from the Data Cooperative (Photo: Georgina Bourke/IF).

We decided to explore the idea of data philanthropy. Our props came from an imagined Data Co-operative, in which the shared ownership and democratic decision making would help protect people’s privacy and personal data. We took inspiration from a number of places including Noam Toran’s MacGuffin Library, The Good Data and Our Data Coop.

Props from the future

Data Donor cards (Photo: Georgina Bourke/IF).

Data Donor cards give co-op members a chance to make it clear where they want their data to go after their death. The data lender could also indicate to whom they wish to have their loan credit - built up over years of lending data - transferred to, which could also be ‘cashed’ for other services offered by the sharing economy.

Order of the Data Realm Medal (Photo: Georgina Bourke/IF).

The ODR (Order of the Data Realm) Medal is awarded to members who lend the most data for social good. In 2024 Ada Hearttie became the first person to receive the ODR for donating 17 trillion data points, contributing to projects which found a cure for Primary ciliary dyskinesia.

Data Co-operative Terms & Conditions (Photo: Georgina Bourke/IF).

The Data Co-op provides physical copies of the terms and conditions of members data loans to the bank and stored them in the Data Co-op’s Analogue Storage Safes. The document makes summaries the choices and permissions the data loaner has give: which data is loaned, for which causes and for how long.

2025: Forecasting Futures was an exhibition put together by students from MA Design Management & Cultures from London College of Communication from 13th - 21st May 2016