Nat looking at the only Singer sewing machine not installed in a branch of All Saints

It’s a brilliant place and you should go visit if you’re interested in industrial design, invention and of course, social history.

When Nat and I walked up the staircase to the museum, we passed a collection of framed letters and receipts that marked significant events for the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company. I suppose it was a way of the company showing their value over the years. It was brilliant to see.

Who knew that the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company supplied a sewing machine that was used on spacecraft capsules in the 80’s.

It got me thinking, how can IF record our achievements as a team? What could our wall of thanks and framed memories look like? All our messaging is digital: we get tweets and the odd email. We don’t get letters, we don’t issue receipts, and we aren’t always working in the same country, let alone the same city.

So I asked Ian to make - it’s a wonderful thing. A repository of celebration for a brilliant, digital team.

As a studio that works on a diverse range of projects, it’s easy to wrap something up and almost instantly get stuck into the next thing. I hope this page will give us a nudge to build in little moments of reflection.