I started at IF just over a month ago. It’s a big change for me - a completely new area and a totally new way of working.

I’ve taken on the role of Communications Lead and I’m excited about finding new ways to communicate IF’s work and vision to the world. So, what made me want to join IF?

Working for an organisation that has a mission and wants to make a positive change in the world is really important to me. That’s what made me want to work here. IF is helping build a future where the services we use respect our rights and make our lives better. Make everyone’s lives better.

IF takes a positive and practical approach to solving difficult problems, working in collaboration with organisations that are shaping our digital world. A lot of the work at IF is designing and developing prototypes to test with real people (you can have a look at some recent examples here). People are always at the heart of the work IF does - we think that’s critical to building services that are useful and respect people’s digital rights.

Something else which is new to me since starting here is that IF has fully embraced agile ways of working. We work in sprints, have stand-ups every morning and team retros at the end of projects. Every Friday afternoon we have a show-and-tell session where we share work with the team to ask for feedback and celebrate successes together. We also do a lot of pairing across different disciplines - so there might be a writer, designer and developer working on a problem together. It’s great to be part of such a fantastic, dedicated and supportive team.

It’s been just over a month since I started and I’m loving working at IF so far. I’m learning so much about emerging technology, data ethics and digital rights - areas that are only going to get more important in the future.

Anyway, why am I going on about how great IF is? Because we’re looking for some brilliant people to join the team. If you want to work for an organisation shaping our digital future, have a look at the roles we’ve got available and get in touch if you’d like more information.