In part, we did that to help us describe our work to people. But the main motivation was that we think good, well understood design patterns for permissions are critical for anyone designing digital products and services today.

As issues of digital rights become mainstream consumer rights issues, and if the next generation of digital products are going to be trusted with more of people’s data and make more decisions on their behalf, we believe that every designer needs to be thinking about these issues. Data, privacy and permissions need to be taken as seriously as accessibility and usability.

That means they need a common design patterns, shared language, and a sense of community to do so. In short, it needs to become a common endeavour.

That’s what we want to help do. We want to start building a community of designers around the data permissions catalogue, and provide a place for people to learn and share what works.

We are going to do two things

Firstly, we’re going to launch a meetup where we can discuss design patterns, invite guest speakers and share research and suggested reading.

We’re also going to to start collecting evidence of what works, then publish that in the catalogue (still under an open licence). Over time this might become a book or a set of design tools and code snippets, we’re not sure yet.

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