These questions are not just about cryptography, security or a company’s bottom line. They are also about how we’re going to live. Software is now politics.

We are here to imagine, test and build digital technologies that are shaped around users, not the other way around.

Even though we’re just starting, we already have exciting projects underway. We’re making an open control system for connected home automation devices. In addition, we’re at the early stages of a pilot for our data licences, an ambitious project to reimagine terms and conditions so you control your data. You can see our ideas for the data licences until the end of February at the Big Bang Data Exhibition in London.

IF partners with companies, organisations and institutions to explore and demonstrate radical digital transformation. IF will help you understand what to do with data and how to best use emerging technologies to make digital infrastructures that are more democratic, more ethical, more empowering and just work better. For everyone.

Get in touch or follow @projectsbyif. We’ll be writing more about our work soon.