It starts with an assessment to get to the bottom of how your company manages data. We’ll use what we discover to create your Data Ethics Toolkit - a set of bespoke recommendations to make it clear what you need to do next. This might include training staff, changing your policies or making changes to your systems.

We can then work together to make sure our recommendations become a reality - and help you change the way you manage data.

So, what will all this mean at the end? Management teams will have a better understanding of how to improve their company’s data practices. Product teams will know what they need to do to ensure they’re respecting the rights of their users. Investors will be able to make ethical decisions about where they put their money. Regulators will know how to make better laws. And the people who use your products or services will know they can trust you.

We know there are more and more people working in technology who are thinking hard about the ethics of data and want to help their organisation to do a better job. Recent news and research have demonstrated that this is more important now than ever before. And the arrival of GDPR in May brings new rights and new challenges that we believe companies need to be thinking about now.

At IF, we think it’s critical that teams have practical aids to address these challenges - not more compliance checklists. That’s why we’re offering our Data Ethics Toolkits.

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