I’ve been thinking about…

Being a present and dependable parent/carer as well as being a present and dependable co-worker. I have a 1 and a 4 year old so things are… hectic. It’s been really interesting seeing the number of euphemistic terms used by parents on Twitter at the minute to explain their everyday.

You see; I also did it. “Hectic” and “interesting”.

Conversely; I’ve also thought about how lucky I am to be super busy. Time is flying by and I haven’t got time to overthink anything or worry too deeply about everything that is going on. I am definitely not bored.

We all want a bit of what everyone else is feeling or living. Balance; I guess. Sending love and solidarity to everyone during these interesting times. Particularly those exposing themselves to more risk for the greater good.

(See - “interesting” - I did it again!)

I’ve been working on…

A project with Trillian - a verifiable ledger technology. Trying to explain and explore what it does and how it can be used. It feels good to try and think about what immutability enables that wasn’t possible before. It’s a hard foundational question. We have talked about it at IF before - New tools for building trust in digital services.

Trillian is a verifiable ledger technology.

It’s fun trying to draw connections between the property the technology has and real-world problems and designs. Reminds me of BERG doing immaterial exploration and Tom Armitage talking about Technology As A Material. Playing, explaining and testing a thing to see what it does, can do and could do in the future.

I can’t help but think about what people must have been thinking when they first invented glass. “It’s solid and seethrough - let’s explore what we can do with it!”

I’ve been watching…

The Last Dance on Netflix.

Like everyone else, I’m watching The Last Dance. It’s a Nexflix series on the famous 90’s Chicago Bull’s team. And by the team - I mean Michael Jordan.

It has made me think about competitiveness and being driven; both what it helps create and what it destroys. Dare I say it; I’m not sure I like MJ. 😮

A Mile an Hour - Running a different kind of marathon.

I completely fell in love with this. Maybe the tone or the randomness, or the pure joy of pottering. Or maybe the wide green space. I won’t spoil what it is; you should just watch it.

“I might have just had the ultimate day… of running, and making, and fixing… and being.” 🧡

Beau Miles runs a different kind of marathon.

36C3 - The ecosystem is moving.

A talk by Moxie Marlinspike at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. He explores some of the lessons he has learned at Signal around how decentralisation may not be the panacea we think it could be.

A presentation that made me think and believe new and different things - I like that. 🤯

I’ve appreciated…

I’ve appreciated how lucky many in our industry are. We can work from the safety of our homes and not much changes. We can sit in the warmth of our homes and complain. We are able to explore new ideas and approaches with little material risk to our lives.

It’s at times like these that I realise what a privilege that is. Lets use that privilege well.

Until next month. 👋