I’m a little early this month because we close next week for summer break. It may have been a short month… but we’ve managed to pack a lot in!

IF’s pre-summer break drinks last night

The team have been working on a couple of different projects, exploring emerging technologies and questioning how they can promote transparency, accountability and trust.

A couple of weeks ago we launched our first policy report, called ‘A Look Back at Privacy’. It’s a thematic investigation of how the right to privacy developed and what we can learn from history about how to protect it in the digital age. It’s available in EPUB format, Kindle Mobi and as a PDF. Thanks to our policy intern Justine for all her brilliant work on it.

Continuing on the topic of policy at IF, we’re really pleased to have a new Policy Researcher join us this month. Slavka Bielikova will be researching policy issues relevant to our projects and areas and interest. This will help ground our work in a deeper understanding of the policy landscape.

We’re also really excited to have a couple more people join IF in the autumn… more on that soon.

In case you missed them, Cath wrote a blog post about our recent work on a Data Ethics Toolkit for Bulb, Emily wrote an excellent post on what we’ve been doing at IF to improve the accessibility of our websites, and I wrote one about how use of data and new technologies could reinforce systemic inequality.

And finally… IF is moving. We aren’t going far, just down the hallway, and in the same part of Somerset House. But it’s a much bigger space for IF’s ever-growing team. We’ll be in there from the first week after the summer break.

But for now - we’re all going on a, summer holiday! (I actually sung the Cliff Richard in my head as I wrote that… which can’t mean good things).

Back in a week.