I’ve appreciated…

Learning about data ethics and my colleagues at IF. Working for a consultancy which specialises in data ethics is a new space for me and my role is to navigate ‘delivery’ in this emergent space. It’s something which I’m learning about every day and I’m enjoying it. I’ve also historically worked in white, male dominated workplaces and have appreciated working in an environment where leadership is all female and everyone proactively creates space for everyone to speak and be heard.

I’ve been listening to…

Significantly more podcasts since working remotely full time. Podcasts help me process information in a different way, especially as my eyes often get tired of staring at a screen. My current fave shows are:

I’ve been thinking about…

Remote onboarding and being ‘together’ online. I’ve onboarded remotely at IF and when working with colleagues and clients, my role has often been to help bring the team ‘together’ and align. In bringing us together, it helps teams communicate better with each other and create a space where work is not always the focus. Building on Cynthia’s previous month notes, some techniques and tools which have helped in being together online have been:

  • Use online whiteboards, whatever tool you use, online whiteboards are a great way to get everyone ‘together’ and help visualise ‘work’ in a different way.

  • Kick start your day with positive vibes. At IF, the whole company joins the ‘daily morning briefing’. During the morning briefing, we kick start our day by playing a tune to wake us up and then we blitz through company and project updates. This also helps with alignment and transparency at project and organisation level.

  • Check ins are a great way to get a sense of the headspace people might be in and gives a chance for everyone to participate.

  • FIKA is optional time carved out every day for people to just catch up. During this time, we’ve also played a few doodle games and the fishbowl game.

  • Me Manuals were one of the most insightful remote onboarding materials when I joined IF. It helped me quickly understand the conditions in which my colleagues like to work in and how they like to receive feedback. I encourage everyone to consider creating a me manual and regularly take time to update and reflect on this.

  • Team ‘fun’. We rotated on pub quizzes for some time but some folks are getting quiz fatigue. We’re going to try pizza in the post ‘together’ one evening and now we leave the organiser to decide what the team fun event will be.

  • Get Thriving is a regular optional session focussed on wellbeing. The sessions explore a variety of brain-friendly tools and techniques that have helped us tune in, bounce back, and connect individually and as a team.

A grid of 9 members of the IF team smiling in a video call.
IF team celebrating wins at the daily briefing session.

Until next time!