I’ve been thinking about…

This month I’ve been thinking about the impact of this strange new world we seem to be living in.

The Covid-19 pandemic has inevitably touched many of our lives, mine included. In what seems like a blink of an eye, our everyday normal has become something very different than it was a month ago.

Here at IF, we have found ourselves suddenly thrust into a world of fully remote working. We’re adjusting, experimenting and finding our way through being apart whilst being more “together” than ever.

As someone who lives and breathes team dynamics, I’ve been thinking about what resilience means in the context of sudden change and challenge.

Every day that the lockdown continues, I’m reminded that our resilience is not the outcome of singular and lonesome fortitude and sheer “grit”, it’s the result of adaptability, teamwork and strengthened support networks. I’m thinking constantly about how we, as a team, can try to find new ways to make this our new normal.

I’ve been working on…

My ability to facilitate remotely and harnessing the whole host of fantastic technology out there to make this easier and more collaborative.

We use Miro as a whiteboard and synchronous collaboration tool. It’s intuitive, easy to master and really replicates what we might be doing together standing by a whiteboard.

Zoom has been our video conferencing tool of choice for its reliability and functionality - but mainly because I get to use the virtual background to project myself into space.

Some of the team testing virtual backgrounds and Snap Camera lenses in Zoom meetings.

I’ve been inspired by…

We launched Society Centred Design which seems to be more relevant than ever in the context of this crisis. We call for a new approach to design and data that shifts from human-centred to society-centred design. Sarah launched the principles earlier this month (remotely) at IAM Internet conference and Emtech. We’ve had such a brilliant response from the community so far, please do have a read and co-sign the manifesto!

We contributed to…

An open letter to NHSX leadership and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ensure new technologies used in the suppression of Coronavirus follow ethical best practice. Now more than ever, organisations should be conscious of the scale and sensitivity of the data they collect. There must be adequate governance frameworks and technical safeguards in place to protect people.

I’ve been interested in…

How the cast of the YouTube Channel “Bon Appetit” is adjusting to creating video content from their home kitchens instead of in their normal industrial, chaotic “Bon Appetit” test kitchen in the One World Trade Center, New York.

Chris from Bon Appetit’s Chocolate chip cookies
My attempt - they tasted great!

I’ve appreciated…

Too many things to list. But first and foremost, the fantastic people across the world who put their lives on the line each day to protect us and to keep our world turning. To our NHS, to our food retailers, to our delivery teams, to our public servants, to our neighbours and many more. Thank you.