What a month! In the last four weeks we’ve been away together as a team, hosted two events and been working on lots of exciting projects.

We started October with three days together on a ‘retreat’, which is something we do twice a year. We escape London and dedicate some time to think, plan and be together as a team. This one was well-timed, as lots of new people joined IF the week before. Dave King joined as our New Tech Lead, Eloise Elliott-Taysom is a new Product Lead, Patricia Ofuono started as a Designer, Ondřej Řičica is a new Graphic Designer and Jen joined as a Producer.

We were staying at the Old Bell Inn near Maidenhead and were treated to three days of great food, and of course, excellent company.

Dream team!

On our last day, we visited the National Archives. We were given a tour and heard about the challenges the archive is facing as its collection is increasingly digitised. Dave wrote a blog post about what we learnt from the visit.

National Archives: Board of Trade book of registered designs IF CC-BY

One of October’s highlights was publishing work we’ve been doing with DeepMind about how new tools could help build trust in digital services. Nat’s written about what we learnt and the open-source tools we published. And David made an excellent GIF to show how hashing works…

See Nat’s post for an explanation of what hashing means and why it’s important to ensuring data integrity IF CC-BY

Last Monday, we launched our Understanding Automated Decisions exhibition. It’s the result of an exciting collaboration with Alison Powell and the LSE Data & Society team, where we combined academic and design research to explore how to make automated systems understandable. It was a real team effort, and David and Georgina did a brilliant job leading the project from IF’s side. There’s a blog post coming soon with more details about the event. And you’ve still got a week to go and see the exhibition in all its orange glory at LSE Old Building in Aldwych. Sneak preview below…

Understanding Automated Decisions Exhibition IF CC-BY

We were also super excited to welcome Felix Fischer to the team last week. He’s started as our Security Researcher. Here’s a blog post Paul Furley wrote last summer on Felix’s security paper about copy-paste programming. We’re hoping Felix will continue some of this work while at IF.

And finally, in case you missed our recent blog posts, Emily wrote about changes to Chrome’s data sharing defaults, Eloise and I wrote about IF’s submission to the ICO’s consultation on a regulatory sandbox and Georgina wrote about the second design sprint in the Understanding Automated Decisions project.

That’s all for October! Back in a month…

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