I’ve been thinking about…

The power of practical tools to cut through complexity.

ImageNet Roulette, a project by Kate Crawford and Tony Paglen, went viral last week. People could play with image classification AI and see how inaccurate, weird and offensive automated results can be. ImageNet Roulette was built using ImageNet, one of the most widely used training data sets in machine learning.

The immense reaction from around the world prompted ImageNet to remove all 1,593 “unsafe” and “sensitive” subcategories.

Kate Crawford and Trevor Paglen created ImageNet Roulette (Image: Kate Crawford/Twitter)

I’ve been working on…

Developing my public speaking skills.

Last week I attended Upfront, a workshop run by Lauren Currie. I learnt practical tools for overcoming nerves and amplifying my voice, and I met a group of incredible women working on similar challenges.

I’ve also been doing improvisation comedy classes at The London Improv Theatre. It’s not as scary as it sounds, brilliant fun and has given me confidence to deal with the unpredictable. All this meant I felt happy and excited to deliver my talk at the Interaction Design Day!

I presented IF’s work at Interaction Design Day, (Image: Grace Annan-Callcott/IF, CC-BY)

I’ve learnt…

There is water on planet K2-18b, and it’s close enough to a star for there to be alien life!

But we need to wait until 2020 until telescopes have the capacity to identify if organic gases are in the atmosphere. Plus it’s about 650 million million miles away…

(I hope there’s a little dancing Groot out there somewhere) (Image: Giphy)

I’ve appreciated…

Libraries. I had no idea I could download ebooks from my local library.

I visited Liverpool Central Library the year before last, it’s an incredible space and community hub. (Image: Michael D Beckwith, CC BY 3.0)

I’ve been rediscovering my love for libraries as part of our work with the British Library. We’ll be able to share more soon.

Until next month!