We advocate for the use of design and data as tools of defiance

Today for IAM Weekend 2020, Sarah is launching the manifesto for society centered design. This manifesto represents a radical break from 20th century design methodologies such as design thinking, human-centered design, and jobs to be done. We are calling on the world to move beyond individual needs to collective needs.

We want to move beyond human-centered design to society centered design

Coronavirus is the perfect disaster for ‘disaster capitalism’

The need for this paradigm shift is more urgent with Covid-19. Governments and big technology companies are already exploiting this crisis. They are rolling out problematic surveillance technologies. Naomi Klein calls this ‘disaster capitalism’. Here, they roll out unpopular political agendas. This is currently happening in Israel and in Iran.

Our current system is broken

The way corporations and governments currently collect data is broken. Data protection frameworks, like GDPR or CCPA, express our rights only as individuals. This individualistic lens has shaped how we now design for digital rights. But data rarely represents a single person - it usually describes many people.

We need to move beyond individual needs

We believe data is the next frontier in the fight to make a fairer and more sustainable future. Anouk Ruhaak writes about the importance of moving beyond individual consent. With a focus on the collective, we will be able to capture both negative and positive externalities of data usage. This shift in worldview requires changing our ideology, our economies and business models.

To an economy built on kindness, care and compassion

We break with patriarchal capitalism, an economic system based on domination. Instead, we turn to an economy that demonstrates care for people and the data that represents them. With this manifesto we are calling for a system change that addresses the root causes of patriarchal capitalism, extractive business models, and The Californian Ideology.

The principles guiding our manifesto are:

  1. Put care first
  2. Earn trust
  3. Empower collective agency
  4. Create patterns for public value
  5. Design for people’s rights
  6. Ensure fair and just oversight
  7. Redistribute the power of tech
  8. Work with co-pilots for the common good
  9. Design for sustainable development
  10. Confront uncertainty

We want to change the climate of ideas

We are facing an unprecedented global health threat with dramatic economic consequences that will change our society for time to come. We understand the need to respond quickly in times of crises. We are launching this manifesto today at IAM Weekend 2020 because we want to change the climate of ideas.

We are advocating for civic value, equity, the common good, public health, and the planet. Our next step is to set out practical advice about how to work towards these principles with real-world examples. Join us by adding your name to this manifesto.