The first session was very much a discovery, working out how the events should run and who we should make a point of involving.

Tools to help product teams build trusted services

We built the data permissions catalogue last year as a resource for product teams to explore design patterns for consent and transparency.

While it has been referenced in talks and there have been a few contributors, it has felt quite static. These meetups are a chance have a discussion about how to iterate the catalogue in the open, and discover as a community what tools would make it easier to build products and services that people can trust.

To do that we needed to understand more about our audience. Who are the people coming to Trust & Design? What are the problems they are currently dealing with? How and when do conversations about privacy happen in their practice? Who makes decisions about how services work now?

Photo: Georgina facilitating a discussion asking ‘When do decisions get made?’ (Image: IF, CC-BY)

Cue the post-it note dance party!

We spent 30 minutes doing a quick fire workshop to understand and start to pull apart answers to these questions. We received a breadth of responses that kindled some fascinating discussions about when and how privacy is discussed in relation to the design process, if it’s discussed at all.

The contributions from the audience were excellent and hugely appreciated. You can take a look at photos we took of the contributions, and we’ll be drawing some insights from them in the next few days to shape Trust & Design into a useful platform for the community.

Photo: Richard kicking off the meetup (Image: IF, CC-BY)