We had two great talks, the first from James Harvey, Head of Design at Yoti, and the second from Audree Fletcher, Head of Service Design at Barnardos. A huge thanks to both of them for sharing their work with everyone.

We’ve filmed the talks and you can watch them below. We’ve also included transripts.

Trust and Design #2

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James Harvey, Head of Design at Yoti

James showed patterns that have come from designing identity service Yoti. Such as putting a promise upfront about how data will be used. And giving users a receipt for each choice they make in the service.

Read the transcript of James’ talk

Audree Fletcher, Head of Service Design at Barnardos

Audree talked about how Barnardos are testing patterns to support ethical research with vulnerable young people and service teams. For example how do you ask a young person for consent, when you can’t get it from a parent or guardian?

Read the transcript of Audree’s talk