Trust is the
new experience

The world is becoming more complex, from AI to security breaches. In the last 10 years we’ve moved from transactions to user experience. The next shift will be from experience to trust. Products with trust can thrive in a changing world.

IF are experts in design, regulation and policy, digital strategy and technology architecture. We deliver end to end trustworthy experiences that help you stay ahead.

Falling behind

When trust breaks

Trust takes years to earn, seconds to break and forever to repair. We mitigate risks like these, and help you stay ahead of competitors and regulation.

Post Office scandal

Misplaced trust in technology led to financial errors, unfair convictions and huge reputational damage

UK Post Office's Horizon IT system was responsible for accounting losses for many years, but post masters were erroneously blamed instead of untested and badly designed technology. 918 prosecutions. Job losses, bankruptcy, divorces, prison sentences, suicide. A statutory inquiry. 80+ convictions overturned so far, 2,500 claims to the compensation scheme, and £100s of millions in compensation to convicted sub postmasters.

23andMe data breach

Inadequate product design, security and policy led to big data breaches and loss of trust

Data breach in 2021 and 2023. Hackers stole ancestry data, enabled by poor data practices that failed to recognise or act on the relationship between individuals and their relatives. 6.9 million accounts breached, 50% of users were impacted and countless relatives of those users were also affected. Equity issues, increased risk of discrimination and harassment, and financial loss. 30 lawsuits, ongoing.

UK A-level controversy

Biased algorithms and decisions led to children becoming victims of discrimination

Ofqual used an algorithm that downgraded exam grades from students in historically deprived areas, and upgraded those in affluent areas. Public outcry. Judicial review. 100,000 students unable to secure their first university choice. Thousands of grades were reissued. Public servants resigned.

Air Canada chatbot fiasco

Reliance on poorly designed AI to handle nuanced situations led to a first of its kind legal battle and bad PR

AI in customer service is not risk free. Air Canada’s chatbot misled a bereaved customer. The airline was defeated in court, accused of “negligent misrepresentation”, liable for damages and court fees. Violation of legal obligations. Erosion of trust. New consumer harm. A cautionary tale to use AI responsibly.

Staying ahead

Our impact


Life a week saved

Better transparency, authentication and communication earned DeepMind Health enough trust to launch a new service into 5 UK hospital sites.


Dollars reduced in costs

Built the capacity for a major US health insurer to deploy AI that improves care, reduces cost, mitigates risks, and creates great experiences.


Dollar marketplace secured

Design research, strategy and development to enable adoption of Google Sigstore, a globally adopted signing and verification standard. Named by the White House as key global security infrastructure.


Users trust Android

Repeatable design patterns for rights-enhancing principles that fed into Google’s People and AI research library and more.


Strategic opportunities

Helped Mozilla understand their credible opportunity spaces using trust as a core part of their offering.


Pounds sterling in funding

To launch a new service, Our Future Health needed help turning a theoretical opportunity into a tangible digital service. Available to join on the high street.

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What we do

Build responsible futures by design

We work with you to create or reimagine better products and services and maximise opportunity, fit for a world where trust is the new experience.

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Turn risks into opportunities

We help you meet rapidly changing expectations. We turn today’s liabilities into real opportunities.

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Apply principles in the real world

In a world where trust is the new experience, you need to be able to move from theory to action. Talk is not enough.

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